In addition to supporting the Ivan Calderwood Homestead, Vinalhaven Eldercare Services raises funds annually to provide the following services to the elderly residents of Vinalhaven at little or no cost.

Medic Alert System

VES provides this telephone safety service to any resident who requests it and covers 100% of the cost. We consider this an essential service for the elderly living alone as well as an essential part of our mission.  Currently over 35 medic alerts are provided to elderly residents on Vinalhaven. This service is 100% paid for by VES at a cost of approximately $450, which includes installation, the “button” worn by the resident, the phone, and a monthly fee.

Meals on Wheels

This service provides a nutritional meal to the elderly individual receiving it. Additionally, island residents receiving meals from the program benefit from a social visit, which also acts as a check-in on their well-being. Currently over 40 individuals, all of whom do not live at the Ivan Calderwood Homestead, receive meals from this program.

Medical Equipment Lending Program

Loan of medical equipment including hospital beds, wheelchairs, walkers, etc. The loaning of medical equipment provides an immediate benefit of savings to the families needing the items. We provide items such as hospital beds for those who are infirm for a lengthy period of time. VES provides commodes, hospital beds, walkers and other medical equipment at no charge to all residents of Vinalhaven. Quick access to this equipment is essential, especially for ill and injured residents.