Ivan Calderwood Homestead

The Ivan Calderwood Homestead is an eight-person assisted living facility that is dedicated to “aging in place” in the remodeled former home of Ivan and Isabel Calderwood, located just out of town on Vinalhaven. A life-long resident of Vinalhaven, Ivan generously bequeathed his home for the purpose of providing a place for those in the community who can no longer live independently. Completed in 2001, the Ivan Calderwood Homestead is a group residence and the home base of VES’s additional services.

Aging in Place

Typically, when an individual has moved to a residential facility there is always a dramatic reduction in their health.  At the Homestead, we see the opposite.  Residents thrive.  They are happier and healthier.  This is a result of better access to medical care, healthier options for meals and a comfortable, safe living space. Additionally, the stress of daily living chores including shopping, cooking, housekeeping and bathing are relieved. People live longer at the Homestead because of the good care they receive.

The waiting list for rooms at the Homestead is an indication of the need in the community.

The Ivan Calderwood Homestead has provided a community-based home to over 40 islanders since opening its doors.

Home Cooked Meals

At the center, the needs of the residents are met and include personal care and end-of-life support through Hospice. Residents are cared for by members of the community. The residents are served home cooked meals in cheerful surroundings, decorated with art by island artists.  Family and friends live nearby and are welcome to drop in whenever they wish, share a meal, play the piano, watch a movie, brush a cat or just sit quietly on the porch overlooking the garden.