Vinalhaven Eldercare Services is a non-profit organization and benefits greatly from those who donate their time and energy to help make the Homestead a warm and inviting place and the organization sustainable.  If you have some time, please consider helping out in the following ways.

Bottle Drive

Sundays 8:30 to 9:30 AM

Collecting the redemption fee on cans and bottles brings in $10,000 to $18,000 annually for the organization and is one of our biggest fundraisers.  We are always in need of extra hands, even if you can only make it one week.

Bottles are collected in bins in the parking lot downtown.  If you see that a bin is full, please feel free to bring it up to the Homestead and drop it off by the barn!

If you come to help out on Sunday, wear clothes that can get dirty and bring gloves if you have them.  We have extras if needed.


We are in need of someone or a team who can help with landscape maintenance and care around the Homestead.  Please consider donating some time in the Spring, Summer and Fall to make help make the Homestead as inviting from the outside as it is on the inside.  We need flower bed maintenance and weeding.  Want to learn more? Send an email to [email protected].

Seasonal Decorating

We need someone with great holiday spirit and some creativity to help decorate the Homestead for holidays throughout the year.  Do Pinterest decorating ideas get you excited? Resident at the Homestead benefit greatly from holiday cheer!

Help Out As A Driver

Residents and elders in the community often need rides to appointments or to run errands.  Consider helping a resident or picking a day when you can give an hour or two to help get residents where they need to go. This is an important part of keeping our residents connected to the community.

Other Ways to Help Out

  • Come play a game
  • Assist with social activities
  • Organize an event
  • Make flower arrangements
  • Read the newspaper
  • Help with letter writing
  • Join us for lunch
  • Take a walk around the grounds with a resident
  • Bring your children by
  • Just stop by to chat
  • Guest cook night
  • Play music
  • Or other events fitting what you have to offer